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Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced (2022) Online Course $19.99
Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced (2022)

Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced (2022) Online Course $19.99

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Productivity in the workplace is a quality that is continuously being finessed, especially when it comes to sorting through tons of data. The Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced (2022) course covers everything from the basics to more advanced techniques to help you get to know the Excel platform and stay organized.

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You've probably come in contact with Microsoft Excel at some point in your life, but do you know how to use it effectively? Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced (2022) brings you eight hours of content to help you excel at Excel. You'll soon master all the tools and techniques that data professionals use to skyrocket their productivity and navigate the software like a pro. 

You'll start by learning the basics and work your way up to more complex concepts, techniques, and the latest updates in Excel. Rated an impressive 4.6 out of 5 stars, the complete course brings you over 90 lessons to get you up to speed on the most used techniques for collecting and organizing data. It will take you to new heights in Excel to advance your professional career — no matter your level of expertise.

With hands-on exercises available in each course, you'll be able to practice what you learn. You'll master pivot tables, learn to create workbooks and spreadsheets, sort, filter, manage complex lists, and more. Led by Warrick Klimaytys, a computer expert with years of experience working as a computer technician, you'll gain extensive knowledge and beneficial tips to surpass your current skill set. A wide array of examples and quizzes and 24/7 access to the content allow you to learn at your own pace with ease. 

While lifetime access to Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced (2022) is regularly priced at $175, it is currently price-dropped to only $19.99. Become an expert at charts, formulas, formatting, and more, and bring valuable data skills to your next employer.

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