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The 2022 Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Bundle
The 2022 Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Bundle

Learn how to invest in real estate with this step-by-step bundle, now $24.99

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Are you interested in getting into real estate? With the market in its current position, it's never been better to invest in residential and commercial opportunities. The 2022 Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Bundle brings you ten hours of real estate content to take your knowledge to the next level and start making profitable investments to advance your financial future.

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The real estate business may seem daunting, but it may not be as unrealistic to tap into as you may think. Real estate investor and business consultant Symon He helps you explore the real estate landscape and start learning how to evaluate real estate investment opportunities like a pro—all at your own pace. With comprehensive lectures in core concepts, investing with business partners, identifying investment risks, and more, each course comes with plenty of case studies and examples to visualize each situation in a real-world manner. 

With highly-rated reviews of at least 4.1 out of 5 stars, you'll also dive into other topics, such as breaking down barriers that can be holding you back from your investing growth. Real estate expert Ben Clardy and Chief Explainer at Say It Visually, Mathew Dun, bring you a fountain of information to help you thrive. Step-by-step guides provide specific instructions on keeping track of your offers and leads, how to master probate real estate investing, the home-buying process, and that's just the start. With lifetime access to all eight courses and 107 lessons, you'll be able to come back time and time again to revisit a concept or review an investment model.

While The 2022 Fundamentals of Real Estate Investment Bundle regularly sells at $1,600, the masterclasses have been price-dropped to only $3.12 per course and $24.99 for the whole package. Grow your knowledge in the profitable real estate industry and start investing in your future with this thorough bundle.

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