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Microsoft Word 365 course training

Learn how to become a Microsoft Word 365 expert for under 20 bucks

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Getting a job these days is competitive and could even feel impossible. But the good news is that there are ways to get a leg up on the competition, and one of those ways is to become a Microsoft Word 365 expert. In this class, you will learn all about what Microsoft Word 365 can do for you in your working life. For just $19.99, you can have access to all of these features for life!

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You've probably used or heard of Microsoft Word at some point. The widely popular word processor is the leading software in offices worldwide, making it an essential office skill to learn for professional or personal use. Whether you're looking to advance your productivity while working from home or trying to take on a new skill, Mastering Microsoft Word 365 brings you the latest updates in all things Word-related, helping boost your resume and enhance your productivity. 

This crash course is dedicated to one of the top programs in the Microsoft Office 365 suite, Microsoft Word. It delivers step-by-step content for beginner to intermediate levels of expertise. With 37 lectures and unlimited access, it's a must-have for anyone who has never used Word or is still a little rusty in the software. You'll learn to organize text and format pages efficiently, quickly, and precisely, plus so much more. 

The course dives deep into understanding each tool in the software and making the most out of every feature. Taught by Mark Lassoff, a programming instructor with two decades of software development experience under his belt and 4.4 out of 5-star reviews, the master course will help you understand how to use Word proficiently and effectively. You'll soon be on your way to producing documents that wow in very little time.

Each lecture puts the control entirely in your hands and brings forth fun, real-world activities that easily fit into any busy schedule. Plus, with plenty of examples, you can put your knowledge to the test and practice what you learn as many times as you need, as the content is available 24/7. 

While lifetime access to Mastering Microsoft Word 365 regularly sells at $200, it is currently price-dropped to only $19.99, saving you $180. Continue learning into the new year with the leading worldwide office software and further develop your efficiency in Word. 

*Prices are subject to change