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The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle
The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle

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The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle. Get versed in all things Amazon Web Services and pay just $3.33 per course. For those who want to learn about Amazon Web Services and succeed as a certified AWS solutions architect, the time is now. With The 2022 Amazon Web Services, you can take courses and become a certified expert in fairly short order, and with the help of their qualified instructors, you won't be left wondering how to get started.

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Are you interested in becoming an Amazon Web Services expert but don't know where to start? Kick off a new career this year and become a certified AWS solutions architect with The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle, now selling at only $3.33 per course. 

Amazon Web Services, arguably the world’s most prominent cloud platform, is quickly becoming the go-to platform for leading companies—bringing forth the need for more IT professionals that are experts in the principles. Hundreds of positions are currently available with storage and security roles, with more jobs opening daily. With nine courses and 700 lessons, this focused bundle can improve your chances of starting a full-blown career or boosting your annual earnings in other development roles.

Taught by professional AWS industry insiders with impressive reviews and portfolios, this lifetime bundle covers a wide array of application development content—no matter your experience level in AWS. With step-by-step lessons and easy-to-understand lectures, you'll dive deep into proven strategies to master AWS terminology, DevOps, machine learning, and more, helping further your career. 

Each course includes a detailed outline to easily follow along and learn the concepts you'd like to tackle first. Become an expert in AWS cloud migration processes, learn concepts and their applications, design secure and robust solutions using AWS technologies, and the list goes on. With plenty of practical hands-on examples and exercises, you'll be able to learn by doing, adequately taking in every lesson. Updates are also included throughout the lifetime subscription, allowing for the latest and most up-to-date AWS training content.

While each course individually costs $200, with a combined total of $1,800, The 2022 Amazon Web Services Database Bundle is now only $29.99 and just $3.33 per course. Build your technical skills in the new year with this top-rated bundle and revolutionize your learning. 

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